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We are a small team of professional software developers. We develop simple to complex app from designing to publishing. We have already delivered numerous app for international client worldwide. We are passionate about what we do, feel free to contact us!

Emergency Helper App

This is a bluetooth beacon (K11) based app (Android et iOS) to send GPS location over email / sms to the predefined contacts. Once connected the app works in the background and just at the click of a button it sends SOS notifications.


This App is able to control remote Industruino over internet (using MQTT protocol).

We have tested with several MQTT server as broker like mosquitto, vernemq, cloudmqtt, hivemq etc. You can choose a server of your choice that follows MQTT should work the same.

Social Distancing App

This help the user to maintain 2 meter distance from the other user by using device bluetooth in the background.

Notify the user with an alarm if he/she is too close to the user

App also work on the background or while on the go.

Bookman Ticket Booking

Taking Ghana Transport to the next Level.

This is a full scale app with backend to book bus ticket from an app and manage them from the backend.

Your ultimate App for easy Bus Booking.

Easy Subscription Share

This is a simple app to share online accounts between friends and family. You can choose from our collected shared deals from various users. The subscriptions come at a reduced cost than the single user subscription because they are shared.

Bluetooth Fuel Temperature Monitor w/ ESP32

The app communicates with microcontroller that is connected with a 2 line display and sensors to detect fuel temperature and alcohol content while driving cars and reports to the associated Android app over BLE.

Handcrafted Postcard

This is a simple app to send a paper postcard at a cheap price. You can choose from our Hand-Picked Postcards every week or Choose an image from your device to send it as a postcard to your loved ones.

Show affection in times of difficulty.



We would love to hear about your project and offer our expert opinion.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.